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March 15th, 2010

Viva La Video!

Louis and Genevieve have done it again! This time it’s their cover of Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida.” Check it out! My favorite part is the very end!

(I edited. Again.)

March 2nd, 2010


Louis and the extremely talented Genevieve Artadi (sorry ladies, they’re dating) recently did a cover of Britney Spears’ “3.” They shot it as a video song, meaning that as each instrument is recorded for the final audio track, the player is visually recorded, so that the resulting music video is an accurate representation of what you are hearing. No lip-syncing, air-guitar, or trickery of any kind.

They really do a great job of punching up this song. In the words of the YouTube User SeanDuncanMusic: “dude louis cole is so legit on the drums.” I agree, Sean. He is so legit. Enjoy:

(*I helped with the editing.)

December 16th, 2009

Woodchucker the Chef

If you think I’m weird now, wait until you see how weird I used to be. Below is a video from 1987 of me pretending to be “Woodchucker,” a character who appears to like hanging out in her underpants and cooking extensive and off-beat meals. (Take it up with my parents, folks. I’m a product of my environment, after all.)

October 22nd, 2009

FunBox Comedy Presents: Back to The Future

The guys at FunBox Comedy wish to share with you their latest video- kind of a new take on the Back to the Future series. I hope you enjoy it!

October 8th, 2009


I know it’s a little early for Halloween-themed videos, but I was going through some old tapes for my godfather, and I found this one from 1993. It’s my god-brother, Sam, in probably the worst looking mask you can find. I personally love the head-t0-body ratio it creates.

August 14th, 2009

“Did you Soak your Talisman in Lamb’s Blood?”

Baldric and Balthazar are at it again in their latest adventure, brought to you by FunBox Comedy! This time, the two gentleman host a seance! Enjoy!

August 5th, 2009

Yost Wars!

Years ago, my brother Louis and I, along with our friend Yost, decided to try our hand at making a video using green screen. For those of you who don’t know, green screen (or, sometimes, blue screen) is a film technique used to make impossible situations look real. For example, in ET,  Elliot and that creepy puppet didn’t actually fly through the air on a bicycle. The actor sat on a bike in front of a giant monochromatic screen, and was filmed pretending to ride. Then, that background color was removed, the image of the kid on the bike was placed in front of the night sky and- Voilá!- visual trickery!

To Louie, Yost and me, it seemed simple enough. So, we whipped out a piece of neon green poster board from Sav-On and some of Louie’s old Star Wars toys and went to town.

Unfortunately, none of us really knew any of the technical details, so we wound up with all kinds of shadows, which created unsightly blotches in our foreground image. The project was sadly abandoned.

But, ladies and gentlemen, I have just rediscovered it! It’s incomplete, some of the footage is missing, there is not story, and the images are blotchier than I even remembered! Please enjoy “Yost Wars!” in which our friend Yost takes his car out for a spin and, I guess, finds himself racing a T.I.E. fighter.

July 24th, 2009

Hooray for the Apocalypse!

Oh boy!! The apocalypse has never been so funny! The latest from FunBox Comedy!

July 15th, 2009

A Taste of My Youth

Today, the only lane available at the pool was in the deep end, right next to a water aerobics class. I think it was Treading Water For The Elderly or something. Aside from their musical choice (smooth jazz “hits” for solo guitar and drum machine) I had no problem with it. In fact, I kind of enjoyed being next to a bunch of chatty, retired women. That is, until the class started to fill up, pushing old ladies up against my lane line. This meant that every time I turned my head underwater, I was greeted by 15 overweight lower bodies. Never in my life have I seen so much jiggling, post-menopausal thighmeat.

The experience made me crave a little bit of youth, something I think we all need a dose of. So I share with you The Lemonade Stand, a video from the Cole Family Archives, circa July 1990 featuring me, my brother Louis, and the lemonade stand that my dad built for us. (I particularly enjoy Louis’ announcement about 30 seconds in.)

July 10th, 2009

It’s a FunBox Twofer!

Two more episodes of FunBox Comedy‘s Baldric and Balthazar series are up. Enjoy em!