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March 23rd, 2015

This One Time, At Clam Camp

If you’ve ever spent any time in my house, or around my garbage cans, you know that I’m really into art and marine life. I draw a LOT of pictures of fish and crabs and what have you. It’s kind of a meditative thing for me once I get going and I can do it for hours on end. But I have to get inspired before I start. Luckily, that isn’t very difficult. A quick trip to the internet, a few terms like “weird sea animal” and “beautiful fish,” and I’m back in business.

Today, I was spelunking around Google image search’s offerings, paying particular attention to the phylum Mollusca. There are some wonderful mollusks! All cephalopods are mollusks, in fact, which means that squids and octopus and nautilus and all of those amazing things were included in my search today. All of your favorite shellfish delicacies are mollusks, as well, so I got on a tangent looking up shellfish farming. Did you know that shellfish are being over-harvested in some places? And that the government is doing what it can to maintain the population in shellfish beds?

And did you also know that when you Google Image Search “shellfish bed” this is the collection of pictures you come up with?

Art time is now over. Because: Look at the kid in picture #8. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present:

The Boy Who Super Doesn’t Want To Be Here Right Now:

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