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October 24th, 2011

Exclusive Service

Despite what you’d think if you ever heard me belch, I am a lady. And as a lady, I like to indulge in the odd spa treatment. But a choosing a spa can be difficult. You don’t want to accidentally go someplace too fancy where they lull you into a suggestive state with hot stones and then sell you additional, more expensive services while you are too weak to turn them down. You also don’t want to pick a bargain place that’ll send you home with peeling, angry skin and an exciting new foot fungus.

Yes, internet research is crucial and, aside from the annoyingly officious Yelp reviews, a spa’s website provides great insight into what kind of experience you’re going to have. It also gives you a chance to check out what services they may have to treat problems you didn’t even know you had:

Reduce creepiness

If you ask me, $25 to reduce “creepiness” under your eyes is an excellent deal.

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