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September 12th, 2011


Every book that even remotely touches upon the subject of female psychology says something to the effect of, “The role a girl’s father plays in her life greatly shapes bla bla bla choosing a mate bla bla self-confidence bla bla, her adult persona, bla, etc.”


The same could also probably be be said of a girl’s relationship to her brother.

Now, you all may think you know me. You know I like dogs, and that I sing, and that have a unhealthy fascination with ugly food photographs. You know I like birthdays, and that I like to do almost anything that involves laughter. But you don’t really know me. You don’t know what kind of a person I really am.

Well, if the men in a girl’s life influence her development into an adult, then I think this picture of my father and brother will help you gain some insight into who I really am.


Dad & Louie Crazed

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