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March 7th, 2011

Award Wieners

It seems as though someone has decided to give my parents some kind of award. I don’t know why, or what it’s for. Maybe Most Boozed Up. I dunno. Anyway, last week, Brilliant Photographer Of The Universe, Eric Myer, came to the homestead to photograph them for the local paper. He also brought a cauldron o’ chili. Eric is tremendously good at what he does (pictures and chili). NO ONE has ever captured my parents making this face before:


Usually they are scowling. And tossing back strong drinks and asking me when I’m going to get a real job. So, as you can see, Eric is VERY good.

But, because he wanted it to seem less jarringly unlike my parents, he asked them to knock it off:

So they shut their mouths (which is what they’re always telling my brother and me to do).

No. I’m kidding. My parents are lovely, wonderful people, who deserve whatever the hell this award they’re getting is. I think it might be the Award For Best Use Of Weird Souvenir Gag Gift Their Friends Brought Back From Saudi Arabia Like 20 Years Ago:

SHEIK_YERBOOTICongratulations, Mother and Father!

3 comments to Award Wieners

  • Liz! I love the commentary. Hilarious. xo Eric

  • Liz – I hate to be the one to bring this news to you, particularly on a public forum, but your father is leading a double life with another family in Novato.

    Up there he wears a hair piece, paste-on moustache and poses as a children’s dentist. You have a half sister and brother. Your sister lives in Austin, is an attorney and has just had had a baby girl.

    Your half brother is working on an MBA at USC.

    I won’t reveal the name your father works under in Novato, but I can assure you he is well respected in the community.

  • I attempted to send pictures and other proof to verify my claim to your gmail address just now, but it appears someone has erased all the evidence I had on both of my computers. Hmmm.

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