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February 4th, 2011

Happy Belated, Dovie!

"It wasn't that funny, Deb!" Feb 1951

That’s my grandma, Dovie. Isn’t she a damned knockout? Look at her, maintaining her perfect hair, excellent posture and beautiful smile while my terrible imp of a mother howls in her ear. Yesterday would have been Dovie’s birthday. In this photo, Dovie had just turned 26. FUN FACT: 26 is how old I am.  If I was holding a shrieking infant, I would look like was holding a shrieking infant. But that’s Dovie. She was glamorous at all times.

I was too busy writing about filthy song lyrics yesterday (the opposite of glamor), and I forgot to give her a shout out. So here ’tis:

Happy Birthday, Dovie! I miss you, and the way you always wrote your “y’s” backwards, but only when you were doing the crossword.

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