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October 5th, 2010

On Politics

Sweet unlimited crap.

I just heard a political ad on the radio this morning that began: “I’m not a witch.”

After that, there was some other political mumbo-jumbo in support of Christine O’Donnell’s campaign for US Senate, which might as well have been an actual witch’s curse. THAT is how minimal my political knowledge is. It may be sad, but it’s true. I have never been interested in politics– just ask Mr. Panish, my AP US Government teacher from high school.

However, if politics is going to be about accusing people of things that haven’t been an issue since the 17th century, I might start tuning in. And who knows? Maybe we’ll go even further back in time. “Jerry Brown is a leper.” “Meg Whitman may or may not be a minotaur.” “Carly Fiorina hangs out with genetically inferior unicellular organisms.”

Right? How much more interesting would the Wall Street Journal be then?

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