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September 21st, 2010


The last thing you want to see in the locker room at 5:45 on a Monday morning is a stark-naked Chinese septuagenarian drying herself off with a a mildew-stained towel and singing “Amazing Grace” in a raspy alto.

You could smell the towel from across the room.

This is the way my week began, and I think it was a bad omen, because things have been mighty hectic around here, and really show no signs of letting up.

This is my excuse for why I haven’t written anything much this week, and for why I probably won’t write anything of substance the rest of the week.

But please don’t give up on me! Because something stupid is bound to happen to me and you can be damn sure that I’ll be writing about it.

Plus here’s this baby:

Doris Creighton

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