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July 22nd, 2010

Wasn’t She The Cutest?

I saw an ad on Facebook for a Beautiful Kid contest. They’re looking for ONLY the cutest kids money can buy.  Well, I don’t have a child, and if I did, I certainly wouldn’t enter it into this contest. But, I DO have a picture of the cutest kid of all time: My mom.

This is a picture of her in 1955. She was coming down with the measles. Doesn’t she look profoundly forlorn? That’s her bear there, under the tray. His name is Willard and he has a hard plastic nose. He still lives in her bedroom.

Aside from her expression and messy hair, my favorite part of this picture is how it looks like she’s consuming her tea with a spoon, like it’s soup, because it’s so hot. That is exactly what I used to do when I had tea.

Aww. Mama.

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