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June 9th, 2010

Chef Liz In: Barf On A Shingle

Leafing through The Heinz Book of Meat Cookery (published in 1937), you’re sure to stumble on a few terms that seem like long-outdated slang. For instance, based on the photo below, the term “Fish Cookery” must be slang for “violent and persistent vomiting.” As in: “I’m sorry I can’t make it to the cotillion, but I’ve been up all night with a wicked case of fish cookery.” Right?


Focus your eyes on the bottom right hand corner of the picture.

Yup. It’s a recipe.

And, alright, so it was 1937. Their photo printing abilities weren’t anywhere near the high standard we have today. So, I can overlook the fact that the dish looks like the result of the Flounder+Dynamite equation. But what I can’t overlook, frankly, is pickle sauce. There’s no need for that. Especially when the recipe also calls for 1 1/2 cups of milk.

In my house, pickles were always available. And after dinner snacking was not forbidden. But what my parents did insist upon is that we finish our milk. Often we would do it on our own, but occasionally my mom would have to hold us prisoner at the table until we finished our glass. Then we’d run off, and hit each other for a while, and finally return to the kitchen for an after dinner snack of Unlimited Dill Pickles. Then it was off to play “Monsters” with Dad.

Let me tell you. Nonfat dairy and brine do NOT sit well when your father has you thrown over one shoulder like a sack of giggling flour.

So, the notion of tuna fish smothered in a milky sauce containing tiny, suspended chunks of Sweet Gherkins? Words can’t describe how that makes me feel. So I’ll just leave you with this:

6 comments to Chef Liz In: Barf On A Shingle

  • Are we sure those are pieces of buttered toast and not dirty and burnt kitchen sponges?

  • sadly, I actually kind of want to make this….I will eat tuna with ERnything <3

  • Chris

    Feldman, one can never really be sure about these things. I’ll bet anyone who would actually make this would probably steam the crap out of the fish too.

  • Lyn

    Sadly, some child was probably enticed to eat this delicacy on a random Friday night.

  • Karen

    Really funny, Liz! =)

    Now which is worse – this, or aspic?


    I know your mom pretty well, Liz and I’m sure you were only allowed fruit and vegetables as snacks after dinner. And, yes, pickles are vegetables. Sometimes so are Girl Scout cookies.

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