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June 2nd, 2010

A Public Service Announcement

In 1994, the Feldman family took their annual family vacation. Little Jonathan and Rebecca were excited to be out of school and on the road with their loving parents. The four of them spent a delightful few days taking in the Southern California sights. It was a perfect vacation…

…Perfect until Rebecca was kidnapped and eaten by this terrifying baboon thing carrying a small, dead lion:

Her parents blamed themselves. They should have noticed the bloodthirsty look in his tiny, tiny primate eyes as they snapped what they didn’t realize would be their last photo of the little girl.

So this summer, remember: Keep your kids, and your pets, under close supervision when in the presence of overgrown old-world monkeys. Baboons are tricky bastards.

Thank you.

1 comment to A Public Service Announcement

  • Lyn

    Only YOU would notice the blood thirsty gaze of the overgrown primate! I was busy grinning at the cute little kids……

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