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April 30th, 2010

Welcome In Our Cellars!

Well, I’ve done it again! I’ve come across a couple foreign websites with poor English translations! I was poking around for a type of wine (for someone else, not me; my knowledge of “good wine” extends no further than “it shouldn’t taste like vinegar”) and came across the website for Louis Tête vineyards. The site is originally in French, but has a convenient “English” button. While it’s mostly easy to understand what’s being said, there are some regrettable sections. Behold:

Welcome in our Cellars!

Three Generation In Service Of A Wine (which I understood to mean “This wine has made me, like my father, and my father’s father, its bitch.)

… Over the years our family business has drown in size and reputation. Nowadays … Louis and Jean TÊTE approach new dimension both on the home and foreign market. (A new dimension? Like what, time?)

Selections & Bottling

…A very modern bottling line and large storage areas unable us to meet all the requirements of our customers. (Bummer. You should get that fixed.)

Not wanting to exclude our brothers from the East, I went over to the Japan-based Calbee Foods website. I clicked on their FAQs. This is what I found:

Q.Do you have any porcine (pork) enzymes free products?

A. We cannot guarantee any products porcine (pork) enzymes free.

I was pretty much set for the day after that.

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