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March 17th, 2010

Sex Sells

The other day, I was trolling the internet for entertainment, and came across an ad for a phone company, or yacht insurance quotes or something like that. The ad featured one of those animated GIF things, which showed two still images repeated over and over. In this instance, the little Restroom People in the GIF were overjoyed at the low low prices, or the reasonable rates, or the bonus free chicken dinner, or whatever the hell the ad was boasting.

One of the fellows, though, seemed to be using the opportunity to molest the female celebrator.

You’ll notice in Frame 1, he’s jumping for joy!

Oh boy! Free chicken dinner with purchase!

However, in Frame 2, he’s decided this is his chance to grab a handful of lady.

Oh boy! Unguarded breast meat!

Sex sells, I guess.

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