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February 11th, 2010

Overheard at The Hockey Game

Saturday, I went to a Red Wings game. I had a hot dog, a caramel apple, and several nachos. I also sat in front of two college-aged boys who took the opportunity to chat casually. Here are a few of things I overheard:

“I took a girl out last night, but I had to drive her home early because she got food poisoning. I was all like ‘…um, okay.'” [At this point, I began going out of my way to eavesdrop, if we’re being honest.]

“Dude, this girl is great. She’s super pretty and she’s like my number one fan. She’s perfect for me.” [HAHAHAHAHAHA!]

“My business card’s gonna have a lion on it.” “Why?” “Well, ’cause like Singapore, Israel, China… they all respect lions. It means ‘leadership.'” […?]

“Helsinki is TIGHT.” [Here is where I choked slightly on a nacho.]

“I wanna live in Norway, like Nordkapp. Like, the North Cape? Dark half the year- I don’t even care.” [What?]

“I’ve never been to an NBA game before.” “I’ve got tickets to see the Clippers later this month. You wanna go? They’re playing the Kings. I’ve got two Kings jerseys so we could wear matching jerseys.” “Most definitely.” [That’s kind of cute, really.]

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