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January 11th, 2010

Chef Liz In: A Lunch You’re Sure To Lose!

Hey folks! Have you vomited recently? If your answer was no, I may have a solution. You see, long before there was ipecac, there was…

The presentation alone seems to dare even the most iron-stomached diners to keep this meal down. But it’s the ingredients themselves that really present a challenge: warmed (not boiled) sour cream, enveloped lovingly by browned beef liver and crispy bacon, and nestled on a fluffy bed of steamed white rice. That’s a hefty 495 calories a serving- if your digestive system can keep it together long enough to actually glean any nutrients from this dreary, brown nauseant.

For advanced vomiters, who prefer a more colorful gastric display, the authors of this recipe have suggested the dish be served with Fresh Spinach Salad and Sweet and Sour Beets, and be followed by Orange Sherbet for dessert. Nearly all the colors of the rainbow will be represented in your emesis!

So by all means, dig in. Sear yourself some liver, and start clearing out the ol’ gut. It’s the perfect way to start to the New Year!

2 comments to Chef Liz In: A Lunch You’re Sure To Lose!

  • Lyn

    OMG….and I LOVE liver! My mother used to make it for my dad when I was a kid. Three years ago – when she was in the hospital and I had to fly down and help out – I bought some liver and made it for our dinner one night. Dad and I ate so much that we got sick and haven’t had it since. LOL Dredged in flour and fried to a crispy consistency with onions. Yum. LOL

  • Steve the Cat

    Evidently this recipe was created in the olden days before scientists discovered that people had coronary arteries.

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