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January 14th, 2010

Car Dude & Ninja Kitty

As I’m sure you know, my brother is a talented artist (see this page’s banner for evidence). I’m less talented, but still pretty amazing. I recently unearthed these two fine drawings that we did using Claris Works on my old, gray, rectangle of a Macintosh laptop. I say that “we” did them, because I cannot remember who is responsible for what. Ready to be wowed? I give you drawing #1- “Car Dude.”

Where we got the “car” part from will forever remain a mystery. As will the question of what the eff is happening with that man’s (?) hands. Are they knives? Or merely deformed, yet soft, fleshy growths? His legs look to be functional, as do his eyes and perpetually screaming hexagonal mouth. “But the man has no nose!” you are crying. “Doesn’t that make it difficult to breathe?” Good question! It would make it difficult to breathe, but the fact is the man has no body and therefore no lungs with which to breathe. Don’t cry for him- look at his luxuriant head of hair! He’s fine.

And now for Drawing #2- “Ninja Kitty.”

This was either drawn by Salvador Dali or my brother. The face makes an excellent argument for Dali, as this horrible creature appears to be melting, AND has a clock for an eye. I also like the square mouth that opens into a Tron-like world. Although, the Kitty’s single whisker is an argument for Louie’s work. The other reason I believe it may have been my brother (and not a surrealist painter who died in 1989) is the presence of a prominent butt. Yes, folks, I’m afraid those two circles are the Ninja Kitty’s buttocks. … Alright, this is definitely Louie’s creation. We’ll have him committed right away.

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