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December 15th, 2009

The Productive Cough Does Not Support Drug Use

Well, finals are over- I made it through without any stress-related vomiting! I still remain unclear as to why three community college courses felt like 12 Ivy League ones, though. But, it seems as though my triumphant return to education was a success. And I couldn’t have done it without the support of my friends, family, professors and classmates. They are always so full of great advice.

You know who’s not always so full of great advice? The walls at the Starbucks on Colorado Boulevard. Although I did appreciate the sentiment, I couldn’t really get behind the over all message:

“Hi, aren’t you tired of studying? … then go smoke a bowl”

True, one should take frequent breaks while studying (to prevent knowledge overload or worse, death). But should one leave with the intention of participating in an activity that is not only illegal, but also clinically proven to negatively affect cognitive ability? Probably not. But, thank you anyway, Starbucks Vandal.

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