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December 2nd, 2009

Deep Sorrow

Folks, I want to apologize for how lame I’ve been lately. Not “I-had-a-terrible-fever-as-a-child-and-now-I-can’t-work-my-legs-properly” lame. But rather “I’ve-been-neglecting-my-website-because-I’m-swamped-lame.”

First, I’ve got these classes. Second, I went to Arizona with Paul for a friend’s wedding. Third, it was Thanksgiving, and I cooked pretty much the whole meal and had to transform my living room from “Horrible Rat Nest” to “Chic Rat Nest.” Fourth, some of my best pals, Chris and Sarah, moved away, so I’ve been just kind of weeping a lot, and wandering around in circles in my chic rat nest of a living room.

As a way of expressing my sorrow and regret, here is some more distorted head photo art that I have created for you all to enjoy. It comes from a talk show that Paul found on a local TV station in Surprise, AZ. The guests appear to be a cowboy and a villain from a Terry Gilliam movie.

I know this can’t make up for the months of neglect, but just rest assured that things should be back to normal next week!

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