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November 3rd, 2009

Word o’ The Month (X)

The winner of the October, 2009 edition of Word O’ The Month is…Hartwick Hanson! His definition of the word volzwier (VUHLS-wee-ehr) is:
(noun) A large undead predatory bird constructed of ancient reanimated bones with massive Zweihänders for wings. “Ach! Hans! Run! It’s a Volzweir!

Congratulations, Hartwick! You’ve won a piece of cake! The other definitions, all fantastic, were:

Steve Cole: (noun) An unsightly growth or blemish. (from the german — Volk or volz = persons or folks + wier = weird shit) Every time Liz saw a close-up of Russell Crowe, she felt compelled to remove that little volzwier on his forehead with a melon baller.
Chris Bulock: (noun) Undoubtedly the name of a character in Pokemon Magnesium, or whatever the hell they’re going to call the next one. Game Developer 1: Dear God, I’m tired of designing these little pieces of shit. Game Developer 2: Yeah, let’s name this little blob Volzwier and call it a night.
David Malloy: (noun) The main character in the little known Shakespeare play “Volzwier And The Christmas Goose”. A sentence of stage direction from the original play: Volzwier leaps upon the counter thrusting the goose towards the heavens and bites the motionless bird deeply in it’s aft portion, feathers and all.

And now, as it is November, we’ve got a new word, in desperate need of a definition:

chritvath (kr-it-vah-th)

What are you waiting for? Gimme a definition! Send your submissions to liz@theproductivecough.com by noon pacific time on Monday, December 7th. And as always, BONUS POINTS FOR USING IT IN A SENTENCE!

New to Word o’ the Month? Welcome! To play, simply send me your made-up definition for this week’s word. If you use it in a sentence, Feldman and I will give you extra-credit! Thanks for playing!

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