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November 9th, 2009

Chicin Walcer

Occasionally (as in, maybe 8 times a week), I will think of something from my past that will cause me to burst into uncontrollable laughter and disturb and confuse nearby friends and family.

Last night, I lost my mind at the thought of the following drawing, made by my brother, when he was many years younger:

I hadn’t recently seen this drawing or anything. I just remembered Louis’ rather intricate rendering of an Imperial AT-ST Chicken Walker from Star Wars, coupled with his “best guess” spelling of its name (I think you pronounce that “Chy-sin Wall-ser”) and couldn’t do anything but laugh for about 12 solid minutes. Seriously- I was making horrible gurgling noises and had tears rolling down my face as I tried to explain to an understandably alarmed Paul what was all of a sudden so funny.

It took awhile, but this picture explained everything.

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  • Lyn

    OMG…I have been teaching little kids too long. It NEVER even occurred to me that it wasn’t spelled ‘chicken walker’!!! I read it correctly right off the bat. Sigh.

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