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October 13th, 2009

Mister Princess

I have nothing against the Toyota Yaris. I’m sure it’s lovely and has tremendous gas mileage and racecar-like handling. I just don’t see it as a spoiled “princess” kind of car. If I were the kind of girl who liked to brag about what her “daddy” had bought for her, I think I might set my sights on something a little more luxurious like, oh, I don’t know, an Audi.

Yet, this morning on the way to school I found myself behind a blue-green Toyota Yaris with a license plate frame that said “Daddy bought it…Princess got it!”


Look, I’m all for pet names. And strong father-daughter relationships. Those things are fantastic. But something about the glamorization of being a spoiled brat is what makes me uncomfortable. I sat at a red light for a few moments, looking at the car, becoming increasingly bothered by the Toyota Yaris and its boastful license plate frame.

But then I pulled alongside the car and saw it was being driven by an older Asian gentleman in an argyle sweater, and suddenly I felt better.

3 comments to Mister Princess

  • Are you serious about that Asian guy?? =D

    I’m a big Penn Jillette fan (random much?) and he did this video rant awhile ago that your post reminded me of. He goes off on how much he loves his daughter, but he would never call her his “princess,” because royalty is so un-American, etc.

  • Liz

    Dude. I LOVE Penn Jillette. I follow him on Twitter!!

  • Yay!

    Ok, so you may know that I was referring to an episode of the Penn Says vodcast (is that a word? I feel old) from crackle.com?

    Do you have the PennRadio show archives?! I wish he was still doing it! Yay Monkey Tuesday!

    And yay geeking out on Penn, my goodness. <3

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