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September 3rd, 2009

Word o’ The Week (VII- continued)

I’m leaving this week’s word up for one more go-round, because I think it’s particularly beautiful. Ready? Here it is:

crivled(KRIV-uld) adjective

Send me your definitions! Send your submissions to liz@theproductivecough.com by noon Pacific Time on Thursday, September 10th. And of course, BONUS POINTS FOR USING IT IN A SENTENCE!


First time? Welcome! To play, simply send me your made-up definition for this week’s word. If you use it in a sentence, Feldman and I will give you extra-credit! Thanks for playing!

This week’s entries were:

Steven Cole: Feckless, and diminutive. Weak. By comparison to Superman’s ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound, Kenny’s super-power, the ability to remove splinters at great distances, seemed somewhat crivled.
David Malloy: Deeply wrinkled and creviced due to years of cigarette puffing. One day I hope to laugh at Gweneth Paltrow’s haggard and crivled mouth hole.
Chris Bulock: Characterized by an imbalance of the humors, with an overabundance of the crivle humor. Phillip was diagnosed with leukemia, but sought a second opinion from his barber, who pronounced Philip crivled.
Paul Malewitz: To be defaced, obliterated, or eroded away due to direct contact with a children’s coloring utensil. The dead man’s crivled face, served as a brick-red warning to discourage further espionage attempts at the Walbeck Crayon Company.
David Kipper: Applies to a booger that is slightly smashed at one end with a softness that makes it easy to roll up and fling at your loved ones; attributed to the ancient Romans, who found the pattern of boogers to be fascinating, and made the discovery that no two are alike in shape. He found the crivled bugger hanging from his nostril after a pleasant sneeze and, to his delight, prepared it gently and flung it at her hairy face.

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