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September 30th, 2009

Broken News

Today, my local news radio station interrupted financial news to bring us a breaking story. It went something like this (names have been changed because I forgot them):

Newscaster (with great intensity): Here now to update us on the fire in Griffith Park is fire chief Rick Bleeve. Rick, can you tell us where this fire is burning?

Rick: It’s burning a half acre of ground and is located above the zoo. We’ve got a few helicopters and several trucks on the scene.

Long Pause

Newscaster: Uh huh, and when you say it’s “above” the zoo, do you mean it’s up a hill from the zoo, or it’s located North of the zoo?

Rick: You know, I really couldn’t tell you. I haven’t spoken with the crew yet.

Newscaster (with dwindling intensity): And it’s a half an acre?

Rick: As far as I know. Yes.

Newscaster (zero intensity): And you said you’ve got some trucks out there.

Rick: That’s right.

Newscaster: Alright, Rick. Well, thank you very much for keeping us updated on this fire, burning near Griffith Park.

Rick: You bet.

So much for breaking news. I could have given you the exact same information just by looking out my window. But, hey, I’m no expert.

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