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August 13th, 2009

Word o’ The Week V!

And last week’s winner is…Josh Levitan! His entry for the word Fenty (adj) was:

The combination of nausea and constipation one gets, particularly after eating cheap Thai food. The Beef Masaman was delicious, but left Roget cramped and fenty for days.

Congratulations, Josh! Your prize this week is some Zantac, to help you out on those fenty days.

But really, we all win! Because, we have another word. This time it’s:

mauliochness (maw-lee-AWK-ness) noun

Get to definin’! Send your submissions to liz@theproductivecough.com by noon Pacific Time on Thursday, August 20th. And of course, BONUS POINTS FOR USING IT IN A SENTENCE!


First time? Welcome! To play, simply send me your made-up definition for this week’s word. If you use it in a sentence, Feldman and I will give you extra-credit! Thanks for playing!

Here are this week’s entries:
Chris Bulock: A quality pertaining to publicly owned areas that have been named in honor of Native American tribes in a belated and insufficient attempt to apologize for the cruel and systematic slaughter of said tribes. Example: The Wichita, KS city council considered naming the new road Tawehash Highway, but decided against it after the mauliochness of the whole thing had sunk in. (Note: this example is a fabrication)

JJ Geiger: A creature, formerly known as “Loch Ness.” Loch Ness decided to change his name is Mauliochness because he was tired of scaring school children.

Yost: A Swongzee-Tibetan word for manliness. Shen Zu thought that the monk’s charisma while decapitating enemies during battle epitomized the culture’s mauliochness.
Josh Levitan: A bastardization and contraction of Maulik Pancholi, who plays Sanjay on WEEDS and Jonathan on 30 ROCK, generally used to refer to the quality of being a homosexual Indian. Gupta pretended he was heterosexual, but his mauliochness was plain for all to see.

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