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August 6th, 2009

Word o’ The Week IV

Congratulations to Chris Bulock!! His entry for the word Subchickler (noun) was:

A man who wears a gray uniform and stocks gumball machines near weightwatchers locations with chicklets. Herman often thought of proposing to Sue Ellen, but he knew she would never marry a subchickler.

BUT, I want to give a special Productive Cough shout-out to Gina Barcenilla’s definition for subchickler, which made soda almost come out of my nose: A triumphant baby. Rejoice! A subchickler has appeared!

Chris! You get ANOTHER prize! This week, I won’t hit any of your loved ones with my car, nor will I use someone else’s car to do so. (One of these days, I promise to actually give you a GOOD prize. But right now, the gift of life is all I can afford.)

Oh boy! Another word! This time it’s:

Fenty (FEN-tee) adjective

Let ‘er rip, guys! Send your submissions to liz@theproductivecough.com by noon Pacific Time on Thursday, August 13th. And of course, BONUS POINTS FOR USING IT IN A SENTENCE!


First time? Welcome! To play, simply send me your made-up definition for this week’s word. If you use it in a sentence, Feldman and I will give you extra-credit! Thanks for playing!

Here are this week’s entries:

Erick Prinz: 1. Characterized by large pointy creases, often linked with other creases by a cross supporting crease. Joels’ fenty pleats allowed him to blend into the surroundings while standing in front of Mrs. Smithers’ picket fence.
Paul Malewitz: To be fish-like in appearance: having large glassy eyes, a scaled epidermis, or fin shaped appendages. Kyle didn’t care that she was fenty, as she was a fit woman and he’d been alone for a while.
Shawn Carlow: Of or characterized by suspiciously large holes or gaps. So, my husband, it seems your memory always becomes fenty whenever we discuss the past, while mine can pick up even the smallest, most agonizingly minute details. (*Note: the dictionary employee who composed this sentence is clearly going through some issues at home.)
Josh Levitan: The combination of nausea and constipation one gets, particularly after eating cheap Thai food. The Beef Masaman was delicious, but left Roget cramped and fenty for days.
Larry Goldings: Having the taste of a penny. The infant grimaced from the fenty taste of the coin in her mouth.
David Malloy: To be abrupt and dismissive when ordering food. Nadine became fenty with the waiter upon learning the “Fresh Catch O The Day” was scrod.

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