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August 26th, 2009

Welcome To My Sauna!

The News Of The Day: I can’t open my windows, even though it’s 98 degrees.

Why? Well, two reasons.  1) There’s a forest fire nearby and the air is sooty, stinky and gross. I’ve actually been coughing quite a bit and this morning, the good folks at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center wouldn’t let us swim because of the poor air quality. And 2) Wasps! They’re terrifying and they keep finding their way inside because there are all kinds of holes and gaps in the screens.

Some day, when I have a job again, I will be able to afford a place with luxuries. Like air conditioning, screens, and pest control. But until then, I remain sweaty and afraid.

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  • Chris

    This is a familiar plight. Despite my attempts to make my own window screens, our apartment is still plagued by fruit flies and moths. Sarah and I have agreed that our next apartment will have AC, a dishwasher, and 3-prong outlets.

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