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August 12th, 2009

Party Photo

In December of 2007, well after I had moved out of my parents house, I hosted a birthday party there for David Malloy. Feldman flew in from out of town to surprise the birthday boy- dressed as a woman! I baked a three-layer chocolate cake, which I didn’t let cool enough before I frosted it so it ended up looking like something out of a Dr. Seuss book! We had a craft table, complete with glitter glue and pipe cleaners!

In short, it was different, but we had a great time. However, right after I cut the lopsided cake, things got out of hand:

I don’t think anyone had let my dad near the Bourbon. And I’m pretty sure the cake didn’t look enough like EZ Cheez that he would get the two confused. I can’t remember what caused this photo, but I do remember that Christy, who took it, was having trouble getting the camera to go off, which explains the length of the cheez strand on my dad’s chin.

What I learned from this photo is that dad, you are invited to every party I ever throw.

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