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August 31st, 2009

Let’s Talk Stickers!

Have you ever had Botan Rice Candy, that gummy confection with an inner “wrapper” made of edible rice paper? It’s some of my favorite Japanese candy, and any time I’m somewhere that sells it, I buy a few boxes. Each of these boxes comes with a “Child’s Sticker” inside. The art on these has always been a little off, but lately it’s just been plain bizarre.

First up we have a piece which features a rabbit scientist who has figured out how to make junk food fly out of her monitor.

They must be working on some kind of new food-synthesizing software over in Japan.

Next up- A skydiving myopic fish and his friends, the Half-Seagulls!

And finally, this:

Um. Yep. Pudding. Thanks, Botan.

However, Botan isn’t the only candy that provides us with questionable art. This was on a packet of gum:

WHAT EVEN IS THIS THING?!??! A demon yo-yo? A UFO? A giraffe in a terrifying iron lung? Please, leave your suggestions in the comments section. I’m dying to figure this thing out.

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