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August 28th, 2009

La Cañada Fire

I spent the first part of the day chasing the smoke from the La Cañada fire that broke out yesterday. I got as close as I could without trespassing or being burned alive and the photos I have are pretty amazing. I don’t have much to say on the subject, so I am just going to post the pictures I took:

Here’s the smoke from my apartment’s parking lot

When I pulled out of my driveway, here is what I saw.

So, naturally, I started driving towards it. (Sorry, Mom!)

Here’s what I saw as I headed North.

I went as far as I could, until I reached the edge of a gated community, where I set up camp for a couple hours.

It was madness.

The smoke was unbelievable.

It started to rain a little too much ash for my taste, so I went home.

But later on, I came back. A few hotspots had come over the ridge, and looked pretty bad:

Here are a couple videos I took:

I’m really hoping they can get this thing under control soon. It’s exciting, and interesting to look at, but I’m really getting worried for those folks in La Cañada.

1 comment to La Cañada Fire

  • Surfer Liz

    damn, this thing is getting big I guess so much for my favorite snowboard shop cause it is/ was in La Canada (note my keyboard is not mexican and therefore it really does say the Canada). Although I have to say the real magic of this is that I am such my typical self mess that I didn’t know where the fire was till I read this which means you are my official news outlet. Report well.

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