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July 27th, 2009

Collect ‘Em All!

Paul picked up a couple packs of baseball cards at Target today. Included with his purchases was a pack of “Americana” celebrity trading cards. We opened them up, expecting to find James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, and other classic American actors. Boy, were we mistaken. Here’s a sample of what happened.

First up was Edd Byrnes. Okay, fair enough, a classic TV actor. But then there was…

What?!? Classic? Okay, okay, I guess The Rocky Horror Picture Show is classic, and a role in that could make you a recognizable part of American culture. But have you guys seen Megaforce?

Yeah, I know. It’s pretty rad. It’s actually one my favorites. But it’s not what I’d categorize as “Americana.” What about On The Waterfront? Chinatown?

Then things got even more questionable:

You know what? It makes sense. He was in Platoon. But, when I first saw this card, I was thinking about Office Space, a movie that’s in my top three of all time. Maybe it’s made it into the “Americana” category. I don’t know. But it was just awful goofy to see John C. McGinley on a trading card.

If this was their ploy, it totally worked on me. Because I really want to go buy some more, just to see the other wacky people they’ve decided to put on these things.

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