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June 1st, 2009

I dreamed this:

Back when Kareem Abdul-Jabbar went to Occidental College, he could never get any sleep because the media was always bothering him for interviews. So he decided to sleep in the orange fields on the other end of campus. He told the press that if they wanted to interview him, he’d be sleeping in the orange fields and that that was the only place they could pester him.

How did any of this solve Kareem’s problem? Why did I dream Kareem went to the same college as me? And what is an “orange field?” Discuss.

2 comments to I dreamed this:

  • Three possibilities emerge for orange fields: 1. The most boring possibility is that this is just an orange grove. 2. In the alternative universe Kareem@Oxy, oranges are strangely oblong and grow on low vines like squash. 3. They were poppy fields, and were simply orange in color.

  • Liz

    These are excellent theories! I hope it was #2.

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