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June 22nd, 2009

Father’s Day at OUR House

To celebrate my father and all he does for us, my brother and I made pizzas:

They looked delicious, but dull. We couldn’t decide what to do to spice them up, until I remembered that, because I hadn’t finished moving things out of my car when I first leased my current apartment in 2006, I still had a giant box of legos in my back seat. So, we dragged them inside, and rinsed them off (an important step).

When we were all finished, our pizzas looked like this:

We’re thinking about trying out for Top Chef.

ANYWAY. We brought the pizzas out, they were enjoyed, and then finally, my brother realized that our decorations had another purpose:

Dad loved it! But he also believed that the photos could be improved upon if we were to eliminate the need for having a giant, pale arm in the frame. So he went out to the garage, grabbed some string, and climbed onto the table to hang them from an overhead light fixture.

When he was finished, we were able to take some excellent pictures.

When I left around 10:30pm, this creepy white head was still hanging from the porch ceiling. What did YOU do for fathers day?

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