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May 26th, 2009

(Two Days Of) My Life in Buffets

Paul and I went to Las Vegas this past weekend. Neither of us really drink a lot, or gamble, or “go clubbing,” so Vegas leaves us really no option but to eat. And eat we did!

The first buffet we went to was called More, a fifteen dollar affair located in the Egyptian-themed Luxor hotel. As you can see, it strives for authenticity:

Based on the depiction of Anubis over our booth, we were seated in what I believe was supposed to be the underworld.

But I could be wrong. Maybe this was just a picture of the funerary god who prepared our food for us. I hope he washed his hands.

Note: The hieroglyphs in the above photo read: “Try our Delicious Fettuccine Alfredo!” True to it’s Egyptian theme, More offered many authentic ancient dishes like Tropical Fruit Ambrosia, chili dogs and baked ziti. There was also a genuine Egyptian dessert bar, complete with mini cream puffs and fortune cookies (we’ll get into those tomorrow).

Next, we went to a buffet at the Paris, Las Vegas. It’s incredible, with something like 6 separate stations, each one meant to look like a little quaint French home. Behold, Le Village Des Gloutons!

Ooh! That’s the BEST of all the stations, the Chateau de Crab Legs! You can’t really see ’em since Beefy McFriendship Bracelet is in the way, but underneath where that duck is standing, there is a pile of crab legs bigger than a VW Vanagon.

This was just the first plate:

By the end of the meal, our table looked like this:

And I felt like this:

Over all, it was a great trip. Plus, I won 6 dollars at video Blackjack! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have go run 58 miles so that my body thinks this weekend never happened.

2 comments to (Two Days Of) My Life in Buffets

  • I have been to the Luxor Buffet…and afterwards I was so full, death would have been a better option that weekend…but then again if I died, I wouldn’t have won my rent back playing poker, and I wouldn’t have killed that hooker. Oh well!

  • Lyn

    SO with you on the crab leg love, girl! Sushi no….but crab legs…yum.

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