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May 13th, 2009

A Look At My Past

Here is a photo of my brother and me: the early years.

I know, right? We’re like so totally buff and tan and awesome. Dig my apple underpants, and Lou’s red swim trunks. Dig my side ponytail and giant scrunchie and Louie’s crumpled yachting hat. And how ’bout the boy’s neck? Where did it go? Did he pump so much iron that his deltoids just grew around it?

Fact: Thanks to pie, this is the only photo in which you can see my ribcage.

Other Fact: I don’t take many topless photos, really, so I guess even if I’d never discovered pie, you still wouldn’t be able to see my ribcage in any other photos.

You’ll be happy to know that Louis’ neck grew back and he will be graduating from USC on Friday. How did we get from this photo to having Bachelor’s degrees?

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