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April 3rd, 2009

Things That Are Different Than Yesterday

Things that are different than yesterday:

1. ER is over

2. I’m 25!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. I now own THIS:

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!!! It was a birthday gift from my friend Brian- and I couldn’t be more excited! AND, since I will be unemployed soon, I’ll have time to actually READ it!

I love birthdays. I love MY birthday.  Mostly because I get to eat whatever I want. And also because I have wonderful friends who show up to my office early to decorate it with green streamers that say things like “Happy Birthday,” and “You Are Older” and “Happy Today” and “Unagi.”

And especially because I get to have dinner with my family- and my mom always makes me an insanely cool cake. Last year it was a Puma Man cake- like from Mystery Science Theater 3000!! Here is Puma Man in action:

I wonder what it will be this year?!!

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  • Surfer Liz

    Like I’ve said before, will your mom pleaseeeee adopt me? Or can I at least live in a tent in the backyard? I can be like the sister you never wanted.

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