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April 29th, 2009

The Guy 1-A Phenomenon

Hey, casting folks? Can you all do me a favor?


Look here- A large percentage of the young leading men on television and in movies look so upsettingly similar that I believe they are all being produced in the same factory. I call this particular model “Guy 1-A”. Let us examine:

Here is Zac Efron, who is a very popular fellow and a prime example of Guy 1-A. He’s starred in several movies and he’s got giant eyebrows. Good for him.

This here is Robert Pattinson. He was just in Twilight and has unruly hair, and giant eyebrows. Guy 1-A, for sure.

And lest you think it’s just an “Up-and-Comer” thing, let me show you two fellows who have been around for awhile who are doppelgangers: josh-n-ashton

Am I right?

And did you know that these are actually THREE different guys from the cast of Gossip Girl?  All this time I’d been mistaking them for the same person:

It’s Guy 1-A Madness!

Look, I know I’m overreacting a little. There are plenty of male celebrities who do not fit under the Guy 1-A heading. The cast of Lost is a great example. All I’m saying is that when a show like 90210 casts nine guys that all look the same, you’re going to start losing audience members. Sure, they’re all pretty, but I can’t tell them apart. And that doesn’t create a satisfying watching experience.

Why don’t all you casting people take a cue from Battlestar Galactica and hire more guys that look like Edward James Olmos?

The dude’s got a face like a root vegetable, but he’s so talented, unique and much more satisfying to watch than all those wimpy 1-A losers.

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