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April 13th, 2009

The Ducks

So, today was my first day of Unemployment. It became apparent after about 17 minutes that I was going to go completely nuts if I didn’t leave the apartment, so Paul and I took a walk at the Cal Tech campus. It’s beautiful there, and it makes you feel smart. When we got there, we were treated to a nice surprise: All of the animals who normally reside under the murky pond water around campus were out, sunning themselves. There were a LOT of turtles:

I don’t think this guy liked the cut of our jib:

There was also a frog who didn’t move the entire time I was there:

I didn’t care for him one bit.

But I did care for the ducks! And they cared for us! In fact, they put on a fantastic show:

It turns out I love ducks!

3 comments to The Ducks

  • Lyn

    OH…Ilove ducks TOO!! And swans…and Canadian Geese….all of home have been sighted sitting on their nests in various ponds and puddles on the way to my school. We are worrying about the swans. That nest is awfully close to the paved road and once the babies start toddling they may hit the highway…where something else will hit them. I am thinking of pitching a tent to prevent that.

  • Bonnie

    Thanks, Liz, they didn’t first, but I tried again and I enjoyed the show!!!

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