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April 23rd, 2009

Monday Night’s Gig (Part II)

As promised, today I will explain to you what’s happening here:

Technically, they are my brother Louie, and Vikram Devasthali. But on Monday night, they were known as the Volvo Mafia: “Bringing you music with Swedish style efficiently since time immemorial.”

The Volvo Mafia took the stage after Commando Strike Force and did three hip-hop tunes of their own composition, and one killer cover of Sonny Rollins’ Tenor Madness. I’m not posting all four songs, because I don’t want to drive you away. But I would like to show you two of them if that’s alright. It is? Okay, great.

The first is about Mario Kart:

The other is a Louis Cole classic and is entitled I Will Make You Mine (it features a surprise guest performance by Adam Bravo!):

And that concludes my coverage of something that happened like four days ago. Tomorrow: Adventures in mini-blinds!

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