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April 22nd, 2009

Monday Night’s Gig (Part I)

**For some reason, audio uploads are being glitchy…I am working on fixing the problem

Now that the heat has subsided, I am able to share with you some audio and video from the show my brother put on Monday Night at 2nd Street Jazz in Little Tokyo. When he asked me to sing a couple tunes with him for the first set, I was really flattered. Aside from being an excellent drummer, and a musical innovator, Louie is a very talented composer. But if you didn’t know that already, you haven’t been spending nearly enough time reading this blog.

So, Commando Strike Force (the name my brother gave us seconds before he stepped up to the mic) did three tunes, all of which Louie had written. The first was entitled Big Green Suitcase, and featured a smaller ensemble consisting of Adam Bravo on piano, Louis on drums, and Hans Bernhard on bass. But before we did that, we needed to sound check. “Dude. Sing something,” my brother commanded. I gave him one of my signature blank stares. “Just do Mary Had a Little Lamb. Whatever,” he said. You can hear that went by clicking here:

2nd Street Sound Check

Then the rest of Commando Strike Force got involved. It was Richard Sears on piano, Hans Berhard on bass, Louis on drums, Doug Mosher on clarinet, Sam Gendel on bass clarinet, Vikram Devasthali on trombone, Jon Hansen on tuba and Adam Bravo on harp.

Our second tune was Ghost Story, which has some seriously funny, slightly cryptic lyrics:

Ghost Story 4/20/09

The last tune was something that Louie wrote just last week. It’s entitled Swing and, if you are a music dork like I am, you will probably love it. I have a video of it here. Disclaimer: The quality isn’t very good because it was on a tiny handheld camera in the very dim lighting that 2nd Street Jazz is known for. Also, the video is all weird and stretched out. But you can see my brother standing right behind me, smiling, which is the reason I’m posting the visuals here- I love when Louie is happy.

(Please click the “HQ” icon on the bottom of the video there so you can see it in somewhat better quality)

(Also, don’t make fun of me.)

But that was only the first set. Be sure to tune in tomorrow when I will be explaining THIS:

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