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April 24th, 2009

Mini-Blinds, Maxi-Hassle

Until yesterday, I had been living with crooked blinds in my kitchen for a few months. The problem appeared to be that the string that is used to draw the blinds up and down on the left hand side had broken off and come out. So, each time I pulled the cords, the middle and right side would go up, and the left side would just slouch down, not only creating an obnoxious slant, but sometimes knocking things off the window ledge into a sink full of filthy dishes and scummy water.  And yesterday it just got to be too much. So I yanked them from the wall and decided to remedy the problem.

Once I had the unwieldy thing on the floor, it became clear that a special tool was going to be needed to draw the cord through to its proper place. But bothering to obtain the right the tool for the job is really not my style. So I used my fingers, a knitting needle, and a regular threaded needle. And, of course, I repeatedly told the blind apparatus that it was a “bitch,” which I still maintain was an essential step.

You can call me LizGyver. Because it totally worked.

And by totally I mean “67.34%.” Because the blinds go up like magic, but coming back down sometimes takes some coaxing. But I’m okay with that because, for not having any kind of training in Mini-Blind Maintainence, I feel like 67.34% is pretty good. And plus, I am not taking that bitch apart again.

2 comments to Mini-Blinds, Maxi-Hassle

  • ShawnC

    Anything over 65% when it comes to Mini-Blind maintenance is to be considered a rousing success, according to Mini-Blind Monthly, the leading publication on such matters.

  • Lyn

    I have always been one to find ‘tools’ other than the correct ‘tools’ to do a job. Every time….in the midst of using a wooden ruler to move something around on a high shelf….or pulling something through some place with nail clippers….I always envision a chimp doing the same thing. Thank you, Jane Goodall, for enlightening us on their ability to use ‘tools.’

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