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April 6th, 2009

Birthday Cake

My mom always makes sure to have a special cake for my brother and I on our birthdays. Not “special” because it’s our favorite flavor. But “special” because it depicts something we’re really into right during our birthdays. Last year, as I mentioned, was the Puma Man cake. Here’s a photo I found. It features the important defenestration aspect of the film:

The year before, I was completely in love with Sammy Stephens’ Flea Market Montgomery infomercial. In case you’ve been dead and you haven’t seen it, here it is:

So my mom made me a Sammy Stephen’s Cake:

WOW! A couch made of cake, plus toasted coconut for the shag carpeting! My mom’s a genius.

This year, my mom picked something really special to me, something I’m not just into, but mildly obsessed with. Something I can’t stop talking about.

Recognize Mr. Productive Cough?

You may wonder why this little beauty has Peeps all over it. You see, I hate Peeps- it’s sort of a family joke. So my mom incorporates them into my birthday cake somehow every year. The Sammy Stephens year, she made a whole separate cake that just had peeps on it. It’s vomitous, but it’s tradition! My mom is very good about keeping tradition.

In fact, this was the year we almost didn’t have a cake (my parents are having their floors redone and can’t use the kitchen) but mom came through- she asked the nice folks at Ralphs to craft her this fine Productive Cough cake. I understand that, when she handed over a picture of my site’s logo, the woman at the bakery counter said “Um, I don’t think I will be able to draw this.” To which my mother replied, “Just try- the worse it looks the better!” (That’s just how we do things in my family.) I think that woman did a GREAT job- she even captured his neck fat!

Yep. I’m pretty lucky.

*Note: Know that my mom is a terrific baker. The subject matter she chooses is always unconventional and difficult to construct. If any of these cakes end up on Cake Wrecks, neither of us will be too terribly hurt, but only because we LOVE that site. Especially this post.

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