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April 17th, 2009

Bad Movie Club Revisted

Last night, I went out to my alma mater, Occidental College, to attend a meeting of the Bad Movie Club. Back when I was a student there, BMC was a raging success. As bad movies have always been a lifelong passion of mine, I took any chance to join friends in watching such gems as Cane Toads and Slaughter High. But, our casual gatherings were not enough for me. So, my junior year of college, I decided to register with our Student Activities Center and make Bad Movie Club an official and university-funded club.

To this day, it is my finest accomplishment.

There were about ten of us that showed up pretty faithfully every week to make fun of, on average, 90 minutes of poorly written, badly acted and miserably lit cinema. It was a healthy, fun way to break up a stressful week.

After I graduated, I still attended semi-regularly, as my friends Chris and Brandon were in charge of the club. But, once they graduated, I decided I didn’t want to be the creepy alumna that hung around campus for several years too long. But last night, I said screw it! I wanted to go back and see some of the folk that I knew while I was there, and see how the club was coming along.

It wasn’t as well-attended as it once was, but it was still really fun. Plus we watched It’s Alive 3: Island of the Alive, which stars an unhinged Michael Moriarty as the father of a heinous mutant baby that rips people to shreds. They send this infant (and others like it) to a secluded island. Five years later, Michel Moriarty is working at a children’s shoe store, spouting nonsense, when he is recruited for a mission to the island. Most people are killed and in the end, Michael Moriarty and his previously estranged wife wind up rescuing what I believe is their mutant grandchild and driving off, penniless, into the sun.

Yep. I started a great thing. I think I’ll go back next week.

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