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March 18th, 2009

The End Of An Era

Today is the last day of shooting on ER ever (unless the footage is terrible and we have to reshoot something). I’ve been employed in one capacity or another at this show for five seasons, so the fact that it’s all coming to an end is pretty huge for me (unemployment aside). Various entertainment magazines have done articles on our farewell season (actually, they’re pretty much the same article), complete with quotes from actors and bigwigs about their favorite ER moment. But those are all about the show. They aren’t about the people, the peons, like me, that keep things running. So I’m writing my own article, dammit. Here are the favorite ER moments of some of the wonderful office staff.

sonnenbornDavid Sonnenborn, PA:  “I’ll very fondly remember the fact that we get to drive around in golf carts in the sunshine with the mountains in the near distance. Otherwise, if that’s like too general, then maybe Linda Cardellini being really nice to me on set.”


Jody Feder, PA: “Today, we removed John Wells Emmy so it didn’t walk off with other things on set that are walking off. I’m standing in front of the elephant doors holding the Emmy, a WB tour cart drives by and they all wave and clap for me! and I was waving and such back at them. Now if the [passengers on the] tour cart turned to their rights, they would see Noah Wyle standing in the doorway of his trailer all ready to wave to the tourists, but they COMPLETELY missed him. They all were looking at me. My other favorite part was how I was still a temp here and people such as Zabel, and everyone else already knew my name and were SO nice and amazing.”


Joe Fazzio, Assistant: “I liked when I knocked on Shane West’s trailer door to pick up a signed photo and he answered in his boxers.”


David Malloy, Producer: “I recall a day that almost seems like a dream now. It was like a day that appeared from the mist and then just as quickly returned to it. It was THE DAY OF THREE CAKES! It was Gina’s birthday in the office so we had cake. It was a costumer’s birthday on set so there was cake. AND we let Without A Trace film on one of our stages and they sent us a thank you cake! There’s no business like show business.”

And mine? Maybe the Barry Manilow Copy Room. Or the time Gina broke everything in the writers’ room. Or the time right before we were laid of for the strike that David and Gina and I hit a bunch of things with golf clubs. Or just a few moments ago when David Malloy hurled a telephone across the room and it shattered.

But my absolute most favorite memory was the day I met …….. ERNEST BORGNINE.liz-ernest

Here we are! I love him. You can’t get any cuter. You just can’t. Look at that gap, and those eyebrows! Note: The only reason that I look like a poorly upholstered chair in that photo is because I am trying to stifle a huge clown smile. Ernest Borgnine said, “Nice to meet ya!” in his super Borgnine-y way, and I couldn’t help myself. In retrospect, I think a huge clown smile would have suited the moment more.

Yup, ol ER‘s been mighty good to me.

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