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March 27th, 2009

I’ve Got An Additional Project!

My Uncle Clint asked me to scan all of the Bazz family photos so that we could all enjoy them, instead of them being stuck in huge boxes in the storage space at my parents’ house. Since I only have 4 senior recitals and a FunBox video to edit, 98 metric tons of dishes to wash, and a full time job, I took on the project.

I am ever so glad I did. Check out this gem:

That photo makes me fall down laughing. It’s an unidentified baby on porch somewhere with a pipe!


The best part of this photo, if you can believe it, is NOT the fact that the baby seems to be tottering about unattended in a poorly-maintained strawberry patch. Nor is it that this surly looking fellow appears to have no arms or hands. Nope, my favorite part of this photo is that, on the back, in lovely, old-fashioned cursive, someone has written “Dear Little Albert.”

I’m also nuts about this photo, which instructs all who gaze upon it not to laugh.

Well, I say LAUGH! Laugh away- I’m sure as I go through the boxes of photos, I will come up with many more I will feel compelled to share with you. I’m sorry.

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