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March 12th, 2009

Is There Some Kind Of Hotline I Can Call?

For the past few weeks, during the morning trek from my car to the office, I have been followed by a creature so terrible, so utterly frightening, that I can barely bring myself to write this post. But I do have photographic proof of the creature.  Eat your heart out, Monster Quest:

Ee-Gah!! The HORROR!

Oh, Ha Ha. Laugh it up.  I’m not kidding. I’m scared of him. Squirrels are supposed to be skittish and run away when they see someone coming. This little jerk comes barreling toward me every morning!

At first I felt very Snow White. But it stopped being whimsical as soon as he got 7 inches from my feet, and images of a squirrel attaching itself to my throat began dancing through my head.

I did not use the zoom for this last photo. He was really this close. And today, I found out that he has also been harassing my coworkers. He’s out for blood, this rodent.

That or he is filled with love and wants to spread his message of joy and caring to all.

In any case, I’d like to have him removed.

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