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March 19th, 2009

I Couldn’t Resist

During my expedition into the depths of my Spam folder for Tuesday’s post, I came across one of the most entertaining advertisements for male enhancement drugs that I’ve ever had the good (?) fortune of reading. It was sent by someone named Killer Scientist. The subject heading was “Prolonged Erection” (I’m sorry. I’m just telling it like it is) and the body of the email read:

“Feel power and strength of your ancestors when you drilling your woman.”

Even when you don’t take into account the obvious grammatical troubles, there are some flaws in Killer Scientist’s sales pitch. First off, it’s false advertising. I’m like 91.78% sure that there is no herbal supplement that can channel the spirits of your dead forefathers. Second, even if you could channel said spirits, why would you want to while you were doing… that? And why would “your woman” be okay with it? Also, who’s to say that your ancestors were really all that great in the sack?

Just trying to keep everyone honest.

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