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March 13th, 2009

Delight Beyond Our Expectation

Sometimes, when you sit in a windowless office for 50 – 60 hours a week, you are forced, by powers beyond your comprehension, to look up travel packages. You know- just in case you get a $600/week raise, and 5 weeks off with pay. So, I Googled a few hotels, and I came across the Hotel Montpensier in Paris. The website was translated into English. But it wasn’t entirely correct. Here is a sample of some of the fun:

The hotel Montpensier Paris is on line 1 of the subway – Station Palais Royal – Louvre Museum which makes it possible to reach the principal tourist places very quickly, exposures.

The Rooms
The 43 rooms of Hotel Montpensier Paris are equipped with dry hair, satellite TV, safe deposit box to the reception, double glazing. Some have the Internet High Flow.

Let’s enjoy a great breakfirst in our quiet and colored place beside a garden

So then I went looking for more fun. I found the Paldo foods site, based in Korea:

Paldo food

Paldo, draws the health of the worlde!

The scent of Korea
The world people’s favorite
We created new patterns of eating
lifestyle all over the world

Definition of Paldo
A brand name with delight beyond our expectation

The brand aims at “Foodtainment” (Food+Entertainment) through a rhythmic life.

A message from the president:
Korea Yakult which leads in growth of the fermented milk has been able to grow into a collective health food enterprise due to consumers support and confidence.

I love this stuff… It always brightens my day.

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