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February 23rd, 2009

Mickey Handsome

There are few things I would call myself a connoisseur of: Certainly not wine, food, cigars, or even chocolate. But I WILL call myself a connoisseur of Bad Movies. They are my passion. I believe that God created Mystery Science Theater 3000 with me in mind. That said, if you were to peruse my video collection, you would find an impressive array of horrible films on VHS. Most still have to $1.99 sticker on them.

A particularly fine $1.99 purchase was the film Johnny Handsome, starring a young Mickey Rourke. The movie isn’t one of the worst I’ve seen, but check out the premise:

Mickey plays a criminal who was born severely deformed. During his time in a prison, a “sympathetic surgeon” gives him a new face, using the wonders of plastic surgery! Once out on parole, he uses his new looks to seek revenge.

It’s a pretty simple plot, really. You might even sum it up as simply as this: He hit his low point, got plastic surgery, and then made a comeback.

Just sayin’.

4 comments to Mickey Handsome

  • Kjell

    Very astute. What work do you think he had done on that formerly ugly face?

  • Marly

    Sounds to me like a later version of “The Girl Most Likely To,” a ’73 film vs. Johnny Handsome ’89.

    I (admittedly was alive and) watched that movie starring a young Stockard Channing and it taught me everything I needed to know to grow up to be a fine woman. (cough)

  • Shawnc

    Good observation.

    “Low point, plastic surgery, comeback.”

    Wait, wasn’t that the plot of Fred Claus as well?

  • Anonymous

    I remember quite clearly, you and Matt
    laughing your butts of at Mystery Science episodes. We still watch them sometimes. Rarely though.
    The first season was genius.

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