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February 5th, 2009

Here’s what happened…

David Malloy and I went outside to get some fresh air and enjoy the rain. I guess we are both feeling insecure, because this was the bulk of our conversation:

Me: Do I look okay? It’s a new shirt.
David: (Pulls out his camera phone). Yes, I said that already. Didn’t I? (Snaps a photo, shows me)
Me: Do I look terrible?
David: Do I look like a wolfman?
Me: In a good way, though. (Looking at the photo again.) Oh! My shoulder pads- are they too much? I think-
David: Am I balding!?

Does anyone know a good life coach?

2 comments to Here’s what happened…

  • Lyn

    A life coach might remove the insanity and make the two of you not quite as funny as you are. Stay AWAY! LOL You totally make my day sometimes. : ) And the shoulder pads are NOT too much.

  • Shawnc

    I’ve never really understood why women wear shoulder pads. Are they subject to shoulder menstruation that I’m unaware of?

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