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January 23rd, 2009

It’s Tax Time Again

The only thing more exciting than getting your new issue of Gourmet magazine in the mail is opening it up to the page about 30-minute pork loin recipes and finding your W-2 inside!

That’s right, kids! It’s tax time! Now, back in ought-seven, Turbo Tax held a contest on YouTube: Make a rap about their product! If the YouTube-crazed public liked you, you could win prizes! I can’t remember what the prizes were, because I think they were tax software and maybe like… a stuffed monkey or something. Anyway, it wasn’t important.

David Malloy and I decided to enter the contest, so we wrote a rap starring MY PARENTS- who are incredibly good sports for participating.

So, in honor of W-2s arriving everywhere, I present to you, The TurboTax Rap:

And remember: Always check your food magazines for important legal paperwork.

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